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NEW ! ! I've just bought virtual private server space from Linode.com, which uses UML, or Usermode Linux, which I'm using Slackware on. This will mainly be used for archival purposes and a few odd projects. I'll also most likely be utilizing IRC bots on that server space. Just thought I'd share that. :o)

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http://members.tripod.com/wigglit Soon to be deceased.
http://www.unixfool.com/wigglit.shtml An exact mirror of my old site...call me sentimental.
http://wigglit.ath.cx Recent Addition

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Sig's Archive, http://dojo.homelinux.net

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Slax, a Free Slackware Live CD (not affiliated with the Slackware distribution)
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Feature Price Webhost Server Hacked
Getting MySQL errors on a fresh Slackware install?
If you create Slackware Packages (.tgz), join this webring!
Updated Toshiba/Linux notes (how to get wifi going with Slackware)
Slackware packages I've created using Checkinstall v1.5.3 (usable with Slack 9.0 and 9.1)
Information page - contains links to various information-gathering tools and links to security sites.

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